Ani Difranco...nuevo disco a la vista

Working on Her Canon
Continuing on the one album a year (minimum) rhythm she's been on for the past 16 years, Ani DiFranco will release a double disc retrospective studio album on September 11, 2007. Pulling from her more-than a hundred tunes, Canon will feature newly recorded, re-arranged versions of 35 songs (19 on the first disc, 16 on the second).
According to Billboard magazine, among the songs included are some classics from her first albums like "Fire Door" and "Both Hands," as well as her more recent anthemic tunes like "Animal" (Educated Guess) and "Paradigm" (from Knuckle Down). The disc will feature Ani, of course, playing guitar and singing, as well as two incredible accompanists—bassist Todd Sickafoose, who has been traveling with her for years, and drummer Allison Miller (Erin McKeown, Natalie Merchant), who joined the Ani DiFranco band this spring.
As if a double disc greatest hits album of re-arranged classics isn't enough for DiFranco's work ethic, Canon will soon be followed by the release of Verses—a book collection of her poetry and artwork.